Hannah Stein

Hannah Stein is the Owner of Ashland REIKI & Wellness Center and is a REIKI Master/Teacher in both the Eastern and Western traditions. She has practiced as a REIKI Master/Teacher for over 18 years, serving as a conduit for the Energy that animates all living things. 

Hannah also presents a variety of Crystal workshops including Introduction to Crystals and Crystal Grid Making. She is available for private Crystal Readings by appointment.

Hannah is also certified in Integrated Energy Therapy, New Paradigm MDT - Multi-Dimensional Transformation and Parent Coaching. She is also a Chakradance Facilitator and a Massachusetts Court Certified Mediator.


Hannah is a member of the International Association of Reiki Professionals and The Ashland Business Association. 


Valerie Gaines

Valerie Gaines is a Reiki Practitioner certified at the Reiki Master/Teacher level in the Usui system of Reiki healing. 


She has been practicing Reiki since 2015 and is also a Certified Reiki Volunteer at Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston where she provides care and comfort to patients, visiting families and hospital staff. 


She is a member of the International Association of Reiki Professionals. 

Sabrina Dawn

Sabrina was trained, in person, by Doreen Virtue as well as through AngelsTeach and has over 12 years of experience with Angel communication.


Sabrina also teaches about the Akashic Records and provides Akashic Record readings. She was certified in Linda Howe’s Pathway Prayer Process method of accessing the Akashic Records by Patty Collinsworth.


In addition, Sabrina has training in Polarity Therapy and Reiki and 20 years of experience in all types of meditation as well as leading meditation groups.

Mandy Pullen    McLoughlin

Mandy McLoughlin, RMT and Sound Healer leads the Crystal Bowl meditation. Mandy was moved to become a Reiki Master after a profound healing from mononucleosis.


She has been practicing sound healing for over two years, having been called to learn this modality as a way to assist others in raising their energetic vibration.

Mary Anne Rose

As a psychic medium and tarot card reader, Mary Anne is supportive and compassionate as she strives to bring comfort, clarity and healing through her readings. Both clairvoyant and clairaudient, she is able to receive detailed information and messages from those who have crossed over.

A student and teacher of mysticism and natural law for over thirty-five years, Mary Anne is also a medical intuitive and healer. She is well versed in astrology and numerology, and was fortunate enough to have trained with renowned medium, Rita Berkowitz

Carolyn McGee

Carolyn McGee helps empower women to enhance their intuition and trust their divine messages so that they can easily manifest dreams to deepen relationships and live guided by spirit. Carolyn is an intuitive teacher, angel communicator, healer, and coach.

Myra Astorga

Myra teaches you how to discover your innermost qualities, your SOUL qualities and help you understand why you portray certain behavioral patterns - your archetypes.  Through channeled conversations, you receive direction on how to move forward and begin to see your life purpose while you are learning about your true self.  She has given guidance to many in their personal lives and in their work and career.

Myra’s channeling practice began in 2004 when an extraordinary, spiritual experience left her with the ability to interpret and deliver insights about ourselves.  Information on our specific SOUL qualities and certain human behavioral patterns were discussed during these conversations.  These insights and messages compelled Myra to take her practice public and share the mysteries of the human experience.

Myra is a Certified Energy Medicine Practitioner and she is a graduate of the Rhys Thomas Institute of Energy Medicine where she completed the Life Mastery Training and Healer Training Program. She received her Bachelors in Arts in Communications and Rhetoric from University of Pittsburgh.

Sylvia Diane

Know your divinity, embrace your humanness.

Sylvia Diane primarily works with full-spectrum energy. The full spectrum is your seven energy centers—also called chakras—and five soul points. A session restores the balance of these energy centers. When your energy is in balance, you feel better, your life has more purpose and flow, and it’s much easier to get through the demands of family, work, stress, and the events of the day. A session also includes grounding, spiritual counseling, and calling back energy stuck in old wounds.

Sylvia’s energy work began in the late 1980s. She took meditation and psychic classes that lead to co-teaching meditations and doing psychic readings. There was a hiatus from energy work for a few years, but the absolute need to return to it became a driving force around 2010. After taking more energy development classes, Sylvia enrolled in the Rhys Thomas Institute of Energy Medicine and graduated as an Energy Medicine Practitioner / Master Healer in 2016. Since then she’s been certified in Reiki I, II, and II, and has started studying and integrating Shamanic and Peruvian rites into the full-spectrum energy work.


Nadine Lucas

Nadine Lucas, LMHT, is available to work with clients at Ashland REIKI.


Nadine's focus in counseling is to help remove emotional blocks that are hindering you from accessing your Authentic Self, which radiates innate wisdom, healing, and wholeness. It is our source of loving energy that heals all dis-ease in our bodies, minds, and spirits. 

Nadine's intention is to help you reconnect to your Authentic Self and rediscover the answers already within you, which may help ease your pain and suffering. 

Therapeutic sessions with Nadine are self-pay ($120/hour; with a sliding scale. Appointments are available evenings. If you would like to explore working with Nadine, please call Ashland REIKI & Wellness Center.