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Spiritual Mentoring

Once engaged in the Spiritual search, there are typically difficulties that present themselves, often when you would least expect. Discoveries and new understandings can give way to a stagnant period of time or even slipping backwards into old habits and beliefs.


Moving forward on your spiritual journey can be slow… coming back to the same point over and over and not knowing why you are stuck. Frustration and hopelessness can set in…The opportunity to share your experiences and thoughts with a Spiritual Mentor that can compassionately guide you through these times can help you keep forward momentum as you continue on your chosen path. 


Or perhaps you are not sure which path to choose. What feels right? What might be a dead end? Knowing the questions to ask and how to frame the answers you receive can assist you in moving forward in a productive manner rather than realizing later that you took a wrong turn… perhaps learning some lessons but also using up precious time.


Even when on your path and moving forward, how do you recognize intuition and guidance? As you begin to draw inspiration and creative thoughts, how can you discern which are meant for you and which to let go? And once this decision has been made, how can you use this inspiration to further the journey of true understanding?


Where can you find support that is offered in a peaceful, gentle, and caring manner, tailored to your personality, life circumstances, and goals? And where can you find the confidentiality that is so necessary for this intimate Soul work?

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Spiritual Counseling sessions are meant to address these and other issues encountered as one seeks to expand their awareness and move closer to oneness with Creation. If you would like to discuss a Spiritual Mentoring relationship, please call Ashland REIKI &

Wellness Center at: 617-650-0455

Part of our Soul work is to assist you with yours. It would be an honor and a privilege.

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