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If you would like to attend an event at Ashland REIKI & Wellness Center, please stop by or call the Center to reserve your space: 617-650-0455.

We look forward to seeing you at one of our classes, events or for a private REIKI session!

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Spiritual Book Discussion Group ~ The Medicine Bag



"The Medicine Bag" by Don Jose Ruiz describes the transformative power of ritual and ceremony through practices for personal transformation, healing, and celebration.

In this exciting and practical book, Toltec shaman and New York Times best-selling author Jose Ruiz explains over 25 rituals and ceremonial practices, including how to:
-choose and create power objects
-build a personal altar and medicine wheel
-find and work with your spirit animals
-use divination tools and much more

This group will meet for 6 weeks on Wednesday evenings,                      from 6:30 to 8 PM, beginning on June 22, 2022.
Cost: $75

Dates: June 22, 29; July 6, 13, 20 and 27.

This course is offered online as well as in person. Advance registration is required. Please call 617-650-0455 to register.                                                In person group is limited to 8, so space is limited. 
Sunday Morning Crystal Meditation Group
We would love for you to join us for Meditation, Spiritual Conversation, and Crystal Energetic support.

When we invite the unconditional love and grace of Spirit and the energetic support of crystals into our daily lives we welcome awareness, energy, and opportunity!

This group meets together, weekly, to create community, support, and as a reminder of our Purpose.

All levels of meditation experience are welcome!

Call to register: 617-650-0455; or sign up online.

Cost: $15

Begins July 17, 2022 and meets every Sunday: 
9:15AM - 10:30AM 

Sabrina Dawn was trained by Doreen Virtue as well as through AngelsTeach and has over 10 years of experience with Angel communication.  Sabrina was trained in the Akashic Records by Patty Collinsworth and is adept at accessing the Records and the bountiful information they store for each of us.
Call for an appointment: 508-861-3090.
  $50 for 30 minutes
  $90 for an hour. 
 $140 for 90 minutes



This group is designed for those who have completed the Akashic Records 101 class or are familiar with the sacred prayer process.
The goal of the group is to help us build and understand our personal Akashic Records practice through a supportive community.

In each meeting we will be going into our own individual Records as a group. The communal energy helps build a supportive field that can make our experience in our Records stronger and richer.

It is recommended that you bring a journal or paper and pen.

Saturday's 7:00 - 9:00: Feb. 22, Mar. 2, April 18, May 16

Cost: $25 paid in advance with registration.

Please call Ashland REIKI & Wellness Center to register: 508-861-3090. 
The group will be led by Sabrina Dawn, who also teaches the Akashic Records 101 class. Sabrina was trained in the Akashic Records by Patty Collinsworth and is adept at accessing the Records and the bountiful information they store for each of us.

REIKI Share and Learn
Many of you have mentioned that while you have your REIKI training you are not comfortable with approaching a REIKI session with those you do not know or, you do not feel your REIKI knowledge is adequate. There is a deep history to REIKI and it takes confidence and experience to feel comfortable practicing with others or starting to work as a REIKI practitioner.

Come join us as Hannah Stein, RMT for 20 years, leads us in learning more about REIKI (for approximately 30 minutes). The topics will be different each month and your requests as to what is covered are welcome!

Afterward, we will share Reiki with other Reiki-trained friends and future-friends! This is a great way to learn and meet other Reiki people. We will all enjoy giving and receiving this beautiful and calming energy!
All levels of Reiki are welcome.

Cost: $20
Please register as space is limited to 10 participants: 617-650-0455

 This group meets monthly. Time: Fridays from 6:30 - 8:30
Dates: June 10, 2022, July 8, 2022, August 12, 2022

During this 75-minute experience, you will receive a short meditation to help you ground into the moment and prepare you to cleanse yourself of stress and anxiety. From this receiving state, you will melt into serenity while listening to the beautiful sounds of the quartz crystal and Alchemy  singing bowls.

These luminescent bowls emit an expansive sound that provides deep healing for the body and mind. As the healing frequency of the crystal bowls resonates with each individual you will feel relaxed, open, and finally, awakened!

Please bring a pillow/blanket and a bottle of water. You will leave this class feeling rejuvenated and ready to move forward in your day.

Cost: $25

Date: June 19, 2022
Time: 12:00 - 1:15

Please call 617-650-0455  to register IN ADVANCE as space will be limited for these events.
OM Chanting Circle
This beautiful mantra and sound current rides on the sound wave of pure, unconditional love. By repeating the sound over and over, this frequency becomes an amplified exchange of loving energy, given and received by all who surround it.

When we come into our hearts and release what keeps us from feeling separate from the self and from others, miracles can happen.

If you've ever wondered how you can help to raise the vibration in not only yourself, but your community and even the planet, then look no further.

OM Chanting Circle


Free Event with suggested donation for use of the space.

Please call Ashland REIKI to indicate your intent to participate.



The Akashic Records contain a vibrational record
of every soul and its journey through time and space. Being in the unconditional love of the Akasha helps us to heal at the deepest level, the level of our soul. We can move forward and see lasting change in all areas of our life: Such as recurring patterns, past lives, ancestral patterns, karma, future probabilities, healing, relationships, money, work, creative expression, life's purpose, emotional well-being, our pets, and more!

The class will cover:

-What the Akashic Records are
-An explanation of the sacred prayer process
-How to access your own Records
-Who you may meet in your Records
-Everyone will be guided into their own records as a group using
  the Light of the Akasha Prayer.
-How the Records can be a supportive practice in every area of your
A journal is welcomed.
The group will be led by Sabrina Dawn, who also teaches the Akashic Records 101 class. Sabrina was trained in the Akashic Records by Patty Collinsworth and is adept at accessing the Records and the bountiful information they store for each of us.
Please call Ashland REIKI & Wellness Center to register: 

Cost: $40 paid in advance with registration.
DATE: October 4

Time:  7:00 - 9:30

Seating is limited. DO NOT miss this awakening program!

Learn about Reiki and how it can improve your overall well-being!

In this class you will learn about what Reiki is, how it is practiced how to self-treat, as well as how to share Reiki energy with your family and close friends.

You will receive a manual and, upon completion of the course, a Reiki Level 1 Attunement which will allow you to self-treat or share Reiki with friends anytime you choose.

Reiki can substantially improve your day to day energy levels!
Come learn about this wonderful modality!

About the Instructor:
Hannah Stein has been a Reiki Master for over 20 years. Hannah is the Owner of Ashland REIKI & Wellness Center where she provides Reiki services to numerous clients. She has been teaching Reiki for over 15 years to a wide variety of students. Hannah practices Reiki on a daily basis and is excited to have this opportunity to introduce you to the magic of Reiki.

Cost: $195.00 (includes all materials and manual to take home)
Date:  TBA
Time:  TBA 

Pre-registration is required! Class is limited to 10 students.
Please call Ashland REIKI to register: 508-861-3090


As a psychic medium and tarot card reader, Mary Anne is supportive and compassionate as she strives to bring comfort, clarity and healing through her readings. Both clairvoyant and clairaudient, she is able to receive detailed information and messages from those who have crossed over.​
A student and teacher of mysticism and natural law for over thirty-five years, Mary Anne is also a medical intuitive and healer. She is well versed in astrology and numerology, and was fortunate enough to have trained with renowned medium, Rita Berkowitz.

Appointments are suggested, walk-ins are accepted. 

Dates TBA

$40 for 30 minutes
$60 for 45 minutes
$80 for 1 hour